About P.S.

P.S. by Macaron Hoarder is a lifestyle blog that focuses on personal style, travel and leisure in Fairfield County, CT and Newport County, RI through the eyes of a self-proclaimed francophile and social media addict.

Note: P.S. does not stand for what you think it does...

PENSER (verb, intransitive)- (a) to think~ à to think about, think of a friend, think about, think a problem over; to think of, remember something neededfaire ~ à to be reminiscent of, make one think of, remind one of; ~ à faire to think about doing; to remember to do

The second French word in the title of this blog,as seen in the URL, is souvent, which means "often." 

The phrase penser souvent (pronounced PAWN-SAY SU-VAWN) literally means "to think often."

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