Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jack Wills Summer 2012

Being in England, it is more than fitting that I should post my top picks from Jack Wills.  Visiting Jack Wills in downtown Oxford was similar to the boutiques I have seen in Newport and Westport--beautiful clothes in a beautiful space. Unfortunately, Jack Wills is just as expensive in the United States, so no shopping spree with Mr. Wills the Pheasant for me, but if you want to buy quality British clothing in honor of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, click the picture below:

I blogged about Jack Wills last fall, so click here to learn more about the British chain boutique.

Wittsmill Dress

Whitworth Bikini Top and Bikini Pant  in White Floral

Lanefox Dress

Rowanfield Tote

Adney Loafers in Mid Brown

Herrington Crew in Serise and White

Worlington iPhone Case

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