Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ted Baker Summer 2012

While in Bath, I went into a Ted Baker boutique and fell in love with all of the summery dresses. There were many light, flowy maxi dresses that I am obsessed with. Unfortunately, I did not take more pictures of everything in person, but I suppose I will just have to show you my top picks here.

You will notice I had serious tunnel vision  paying close attention to the dresses and not much else:

Ted Baker in Bath

Florah Printed Maxi Dress

Haylea Printed Maxi Dress

Eshara Zip Detail Dress

Jamthun Zip Detail Dress

Ellty Printed Pleated Dress

Jelty Pleated Dress

Russil Bodice Detail Dress

Nexxa Full Skirted Coat

Calluna Wedged Strappy Heel

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