Friday, July 13, 2012

Leesburg, Day 4: An Awkward Night with Magic Mike

Yesterday was a lot of rushing around running errands again, but we also went back to the pool, shopped at the outlets, and saw Magic Mike.

I knew that Channing Tatum was in the movie, but I did not realize that Magic Mike was about until I sat in the car on the way to cinema with my mother, my aunt, and my cousin...

Remember the bar I took pictures of a few posts earlier? Nearly everyone--except my mother, aunt, cousin, and I--were making great use of it.  If that was not awkward enough, a bunch of "cougar" aged women were stumbling in the theater, in groups, after a few too many drinks at the bar. Only three men were there, but just to heckle, not to wail and scream at Channing Tatum's nearly naked body.

At one point, one of the ushers--probably a college student--came in during the movie to make sure everything was fine. A tipsy cougar looked at the poor guy and asked "Are you part of the show?!"

Dear. God.

I'll leave you with a more calming picture for today. Instead of recalling screaming housewives and broken margarita glasses, I would rather remember sitting by the pool on a beautiful summer day.

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