Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wilton: Wisdom Teeth Recuperation (cont.)

After holding bags of ice to my newly formed "chipmunk cheeks" and watching Netflix films, I survived the first full day post-wisdom teeth surgery!

My boyfriend, who brought over my favorite Robeks smoothie last night, visited again this afternoon. We watched Capote (2005) and he helped me make chicken noodle soup. After he left, I watched Sarah's Key (2010), which is about a journalist who exposes the truth behind her in-laws past and their connection to a French Jewish family who suffered from the "Vel d'Hiv" events during World War II. 

Another triumph of the day included my parents bringing home the September Issue of Vogue--a huge win, I am proud to say.

I also played around with the Victoria's Secret Pink iPhone app and "PINK-ified" some of photos.

Even though my face is incredibly puffy, my spirits are high thanks to my family and friends who have wished me a good recovery--thank you for the love!

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