Monday, January 28, 2013

Wickford/Narragansett: Internship, Day 2

I am able to intern at Gossip on weekends, which allows me to still find time to balance studying for class and work at the Pell Center. Today was not busy--off-season is always a challenge for coastal areas that depend on tourists and/or good weather--but I still found things to do to keep busy, like updating profile pictures and cover photos on the boutique's Facebook and Twitter.

It's only the second day I have been interning, but I can't imagine being in a better place to get acclimated to fashion retail.

This "outfit of the day" features how you can wear these Free People jeans in the winter and for the spring.

It was such a joy to see Emma and Bella this morning! They look very alike, considering Emma is a month older.

Bella (left) and Emma (right)

Today's Outfit: Cardigan, Gap; Shirt, Old Navy; Tank, Sparkle & Fade; Cords, Old Navy; Boots, Forever 21

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