Monday, October 28, 2013

Pure Happiness

If you are interested in finding eco-friendly clothing, you need to learn about Pure Happiness.

"Detoxify Your Life, Live in Pure Happiness"

Conventionally-grown cotton has had devastating effects on the environment and on communities in developing countries. Pure Happiness focuses on building a sustainable lifestyle for the consumer and for the community by using bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton to produce their clothing. 
"Pure Happiness recognizes nature to be the greatest designer and strives to provide ecologically sound clothing which benefits those working hardest to uplift humanity through sustainable fibers and manufacturing processes, with the goal of providing pure fabrics and a more sustainable future. Your PH purchase is rooted in the seed of a better tomorrow, closer to the natural order of life, driven by the fruits of hard working individuals seeking “to be the change” while looking and feeling good."
Pure Happiness is currently in the process of planning out a Kickstarter fundraiser, but you're encouraged to stay updated via email, Facebook and Twitter!

(P.S. I am happy to announce that I am a social media manager for Pure Happiness!)

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