Saturday, January 25, 2014

Paris, Day 16, Part II: Rue Cambon

Before the concert at La Sorbonne, I took the time to run to Rue Cambon for Pierre Hermé macarons and spot Chanel's first store on 31 rue Cambon.

I always go to Ladurée every time I go to New York City, but this was my first time enjoying macarons from Pierre Hermé. I wouldn't be able to tell you what flavors I got, but they were quirky, modern combinations that are more adventurous than the traditional flavors at Ladurée.

As happy as I was to stand outside Chanel--look at the chic outfits on the mannequins, catch a glimpse of the spiral staircase to Coco Chanel's apartment upstairs--I am obligated to admit that I felt so out of place when I actually walked inside the boutique. It became the most apparent when I picked up on high-heeled bootie that cost a mini-vacation...

I promise to make a triumphant return to 31 rue Cambon when I am in the proper stage of my life to enjoy Chanel's treasures like the simple pleasure of a Nutella crêpe...

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