Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer So Far (As Shown in Drinks)

I came back from visiting my friends in Connecticut a few days ago, but it's been hard to get a chance to sit down and blog. When I was putting together one post, I noticed that I had a few pictures on my iPhone camera roll:

Blue Moon at Little Pub
 Cara and I also split a chocolate chip banana bread cake. In retrospect, I wish I ordered hot tea instead of a beer...

Yuengling at the Newport Interactive Marketers' June Event
I "singlehandedly" live-tweeted the evening's talk on GoogleAnalytics

Corona at Bowen's Wharf

? at my friend's house
I didn't end up drinking this, I just thought it looked cute

Multi-Green Kombucha on Narragansett Beach
This would have to be my favorite--sipping the healthiest, non-alcoholic beverage on the beach

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