Friday, September 12, 2014

BROODS "First Contact" Concert with 95.5 WBRU

Ever since "Bridges" became a hit, I have become a huge fan of the New Zealand brother-sister duo band, BROODS.

I was so excited to hear about BROODS coming to Providence and couldn't pass up the opportunity to see them. 

Even though I had a very busy day at work the next day, this BROODS show would probably be the most convenient to get to--with their Evergreen album tour, the band will be traveling all over, including Australia in November.

I had asked my friend Katherine to come with me and once the show was over, she confessed that she too became a BROODS fan. Georgia Knott, the lead singer, has an amazing voice live.

Besides the music, it was quite an exciting show for another reason--the fire alarm went off at the venue and three firetrucks showed up.

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