Friday, December 19, 2014

Salvation Army's Angel Tree Christmas Drive

Last week, I participated in the Christmas Angel Tree donation drive at work. How it works is that there's a tree covered in gift tags and each gift card corresponds to a child. The gift card has the child's clothing sizes and a toy.

I picked a gift tag for a 3 year old girl and went to Old Navy to pick out a few things. At first, I was pulling boring neutral clothes, but then I remembered that toddlers shouldn't wear black...

One red twill jacket with a polka-dot lined hood

One blue polka-dot waffle thermal

One pair of black leggings  (I had to buy something black)

I know I should volunteer more in the community, but even doing donation drives like this can help make a difference can help many children feel special during the holiday season. Every child should be able to have the joy of opening a gift on Christmas.

One red waffle thermal

One pair of floral leggings

One pair of T-strap flats

At checkout, I got a coupon for $20 of Old Navy credit to use towards a purchase next year. I don't typically shop for myself at Old Navy, but I would rather spend that credit towards buying another set of children's clothes to donate to Salvation Army. 

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