Thursday, February 5, 2015

newportFILM's 2015 Bollywood "Friend-Raiser"

If you haven't heard of newportFILM, it's one of the coolest nonprofits in Rhode Island. 

newportFILM does screen some amazing movies, but I believe the real purpose behind the organization is to cultivate a greater sense of community through an educational vehicle that can touch anyone, regardless of their background or their circumstances.  Each movie that is selected welcomes a discussion among family, friends, and neighbors about what's happening in the world and how it connects to our everyday lives.

Maybe it's because I am a product of the liberal arts curriculum, or because I work at a university research center named in honor of the late Senator Claiborne Pell--who was a major proponent of the arts and humanities--but I think nonprofits like newportFILM are important because they offer a different sort of public good. A cultural service for the community's intellectual well-being, so to speak. 

Every year, newportFILM hosts its annual "friend-raiser" to help keep the program going. This year's theme is Bollywood, something that will be a ton of fun to dress up for. There are several boutiques and salons that are offering discounts to help people get a fashionable, theme-appropriate look for the night.

I still regret not going to last year's Warhol-themed friend-raiser...

If you're interested in supporting a good cause and having a great time doing, I would suggest you check out more information on newportFILM's friend-raiser on their website.

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