Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Find of the Week | 44

I've been treating the fashion and beauty preparation for my alma mater's winter gala like my term papers—elegantly presented, but barely finished in time for the deadline.

I had three specific goals in mind while shopping—I needed to find a white dress, wanted to buy locally in Newport as much as possible and somehow stay within a reasonable budget.

By nothing short of a miracle, I was able to find most of my outfit. 

I found a full-length, champagne J.Crew formal gown at Wish Consignment, gilded gold earrings at Kristina Richards and a gold Haarstick ring at Chateau & Bungalow. This is definitely one of my more glorious shopping moments—not only did I spend less than $100 on the outfit, but it also took less than an hour to shop.

With less than two weeks until Salve Regina University's 40th Annual Governor's Ball, I am officially ready to go!

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