Friday, December 9, 2016

Macaron Hoarder's Christmas List 2016

My brother texted me a few days ago what I wanted for Christmas.

There was a time when I couldn't have had too many clothes and gift certificates from my favorite stores. Now I struggle to give anyone ideas for what I want, because I feel like I have enough. 

Honestly, the magical disappearance of my student loans and a million frequent flyer miles are the only two things I truly want for Christmas. But if I had to pick a few things for Santa to leave under the tree...

My favorite perfume

I've been using one from Diptyque lately, but Tocca's Florence eau de parfum is my essential go-to.

An inspirational print

French Words on Instagram launched their an online store and I love their A-Z large print. I still need to frame my gold foil world map, but this would complement the modern, romantic traveler vibe in the bedroom. 

Another phone charger

You can never have too many phone chargers. I love how this one from Urban Outfitters is disguised as a simple leather tassel... I just wish more phone chargers came with the outlet plug, which is especially convenient for train rides on Metro North.

Beyond basic earbuds

I've always wanted a pair of FRENDS headphones, but my lifestyle doesn't require huge head gear. Earbuds with unique hardware detail are perfectly adequate for freelancing in peace at the local coffee shop. 

A modern crossbody

Theory came out with the Transformer handbag line—it's easy to customize your look by choosing a leather strap and different pouches made of sheepskin, suede or leather. I'd love to put my employee discount to use and buy this set as a Christmas gift for myself.

Even after compiling this post, I can't think of anything else material that I really want. All I can think of is how I want more time to balance working, traveling and relaxing...

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  1. Now you've got me looking all around for different colors and types of these darned tassel cables lol. Found an Apple one on Groupon:

    ...but still nothing for my dang USB-C yet. #androidpeopleproblems