Friday, June 1, 2012

Oxford, Day 6: A Walk About Town

It's the beginning of the weekend and it's off to an interesting start. While heading downtown, there was a car accident on the main road--it was closed off by several fire trucks and ambulances.

There are SO many shops and restaurants in the city center. A good number of them are tourist traps, but there are some cool places worth checking out. I made sure to take pictures of a few store fronts.

Car accident in front of Gee

Blackwell book shop

Crepe truck

The British equivalent of Urban Outfitters

The British equivalent of Francesca's

Shakespeare's Milkshake

The Covered Marketplace is made up of 50 independent shops, so here a few pictures of some passages. 

Alice's Shop. This is the original store front Alice goes to in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass

Tomorrow, I will be heading to Brighton for the day--I am beyond excited to go!

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