Sunday, December 30, 2012

Narragansett: Snowed In and Day 2 of NYE Beauty Prep

I started to plan a short trip to Wakefield or Jack Wills in Newport when the icy rain started to fall, so naturally, I stayed in the house. It snowed several inches today and will continue to do so until midnight or later tomorrow. 

I downloaded HuluPlus on my tablet and found Elite New Face, a HuluPlus exclusive television show about Elite Model Management's search for the next hot international model. I like it so far and I hope that there are more fashion-related shows available on HuluPlus to hold me over until the new season of Downton Abbey premieres next year--Sunday January 6, 2013 on PBS.

For the second day of my beauty prep for New Year's Eve, I will admit I did not do as well as I should have, but here goes nothing:

Three Day DIY Prep for New Year's Eve: Day 2

Keep drinking water!

Get up and move--Thankfully it's not yet bikini season, but doing a light workout will make you feel better when you slip into your dress on the big night. Also, by starting a workout before the New Year, it will make your healthy resolutions hold up. I like finding workouts on Pinterest and trying them out at my leisure (you can check out my fitness board here).

Give your sweet tooth a break--Reducing the amount of sweets you're eat will help cancel out the inevitable overindulgence of food and drink on New Year's Eve. Your mid-section will thank you.

Spot treatment any problem areas--If you still have blemishes, be sure to keep treating them with a dab of a mask or other blemish therapy. Apparently a small dab of toothpaste is rumoured to help bring them down...?

Sleep--You will be staying up plenty late enough New Year's Eve. Rest up!

Today's Outfit--I found a few sweaters in Connecticut yesterday brought them back. This is a lambswool and angora blend sweater in lavender that was once my grandmother's.

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