Saturday, March 16, 2013

NGT/WKD: Catarina's and Tropical Gangstilettos

Spring break is coming to a close, but I've been able to work, intern, sleep, and above all, shop.

After work on Friday, I stopped by Tropical Gangstilettos on Thames Street to check out their sale on winter boots. I scored these beautiful brown knee-high riding boots for $22.50:

Source: via Mia on Pinterest

My oldest brother Dylan came home to visit for the weekend. We filled up on a delicious Italian dinner at Catarina's on Friday and then we made a nice breakfast at home this morning before he had to return back to Hoboken.

Pesto Scallops served over Linguine 

Chocolate Mousse

Tomorrow I'll be interning, then heading straight to the French Film Festival opening at Jane Pickens Theatre--it should be a fun night.

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