Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NPT/NGT/WKD: Find of the Week | 8

No one should be a slave to labels, but I confess that I am absolutely obsessed with Juicy Couture.

When you think of Juicy Couture, the velour sweatpants and hoodie set is probably the first thing that comes to mind. In reality, Juicy has the cutest clothes that you wouldn't wear on lazy Sunday afternoon. My favorite pieces by Juicy are the cardigans and the coats, so naturally every time I see them at a great price, I jump for it.

I went to Crosswynds Traders and found a Juicy cardigan and a Juicy jacket. The cardigan is something I will wear all of the time and the jacket is perfect for spring--I am so ready for this New England weather to warm up!

P.S. I'm claiming my blog on Technorati :)

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