Sunday, December 1, 2013

Girl's Date in Westport

Since I have been attending university in Newport, it is a rare occasion to spend an extended period of time in Connecticut. My family and I celebrated Thanksgiving in Connecticut this year, which provided the perfect opportunity to catch up with Cara, one of my best girlfriends from high school.

We spent the afternoon in Westport, grabbing lunch, shopping downtown, and recapping whatever's been going on in our lives...It was much needed girl time. 

In all honesty, I rarely eat sushi, I just never grew up having it. This Japanese lunch special from Matsu Sushi was delicious.

Of course one of my favorite pairs of boots happened to fall apart, so I had to buy another pair while shopping at Urban Outfitters. I also bought a high-waisted black skirt--it was hard to pass up for only $5.00. 

Boots, Urban Outfitters, bought on sale for $20.00
Vegan Leather Mini Skirt in Black, Urban Outfitters, bought on sale for $5.00

Crumbs, it's been so long
I have no idea what the white streak is across the photo (sunlight? ghost?)
Cara surprised me with this gorgeous journal as a belated birthday gift. To be put to use in Paris...
Small Business Saturday was today! I know Urban Outfitters and Crumbs are not small businesses, but I plan on shopping at local stores in Newport soon!

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