Sunday, January 12, 2014

Paris, Day 5: Notre Dame and L'Arc de Triomphe

We had spent some time in class nearby Notre Dame in La Crypte de Notre Dame, but we finally went inside the cathedral on Friday. Even though we didn't go upstairs or visit the treasure room with the relics--perhaps something to revisit later--we were able to observe a mass while we were touring the cathedral.

Later in the evening, we walked up Les Champs Elysées towards L'Arc de Triomphe. We stopped into some shops, including Ladurée. I couldn't resist not getting a macaron while we were there, so I snacked on a large chocolate macaron.

At first, we were looking for a crosswalk in the rotary around L'Arc de Triomphe, then realized it was impossible to cross above ground without risking our lives--it took us a little while to find the underground entrance.

The view of Paris from the top of L'Arc de Triomphe is unreal.

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