Tuesday, March 11, 2014

(Everything Is) Debatable by hellogoodbye

I had no idea hellogoodbye released their latest album, Everything Is Debatable, last October. I suppose I'm not so far behind the times--their last album, Would It Kill You?, was released on my birthday in 2010, but I found about it the following year...

Judging from the Everything Is Debatable track, hellogoodbye has transformed their sound, but in a good way. Alternative Press also pointed out the band's change of sound, yet noted that the lyrics carry the same weight as those in Would It Kill You?.  I'm really excited to find out about Everything Is Debatable--it's fun, it's funky, and more importantly, it's dance-able. Because I'm (sort of) ahead of the game, I want to plan on seeing hellogoodbye perform at Brighton Music Hall in April.


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