Monday, March 10, 2014

Women's Travel Fest: How to Work Digitally & Travel the World

If you're in need of inspiration, motivation, rejuvenation, you need to be in the city. My brother Adam and I went to New York City for the day--I went to the Women's Travel Fest workshop on W. 26th Street, while Adam met up with our brother Dylan on Broadway.

Of course Paris is my ideal city, but New York City will always be my first urban love. New York City will always be The City

The Women's Travel Fest workshop was well worth attending. I live-tweeted the entire day, so if you want to learn all of the tips and tricks of travel writing from the experts, they're all bundled together in one Storify

The studio where the workshop was held had a nice view of The High Line. It was a perfect day to be out and about and enjoy New York City

Dylan's quartet, For The Times, was recognized today at a Voices of Gotham event for being an up and coming quartet!

Dylan, Adam and I grabbed a quick bite before heading our separate ways. It was an awesome day and I'm excited to be back in the city for the Spring National College Media Convention later this week.


  1. New York is New York! I would love to go back there once at least..
    Best from my little Luxembourg..

    1. Thanks for your comment :) I'll be sure to check out your blog soon!