Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cobbs Mill Inn

I had no idea Cobbs Mill Inn existed until last night when Ryan and I went there for dinner. The sad thing is, I have lived down the street from Cobbs Mill Inn for many years--it's less than five minutes away. 

Cobbs Mill Inn sits right by a river and a waterfall--it's hard to see the whole splendor at night, but the lights illuminate the inn in the dark.  The interior reminded us a little bit of the White Horse Tavern in Newport, but the ambiance of the water gives the Cobbs Mill Inn a more romantic feel. 

If this isn't romantic, I don't know what is...

Ryan and I ordered mussels as an appetizer, then Ryan ordered duck and I ordered butternut squash in a maple flavored sauce.

The mussels

Butternut Squash

Had I known about Cobbs Mill Inn when I was in high school, I definitely would have gone here for my graduation dinner...

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