Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Narragansett/Newport/Wickford/Wilton: Post-Nemo and More

Narragansett lost power during the blizzard last Friday. After spending an uncomfortable winter night in Rhode Island, my family and I went back to Connecticut for the day. The car trip, which typically takes 2 hours, was nearly 4.5-5 hours long. The rest stop alone took nearly 45 minutes, because Subway was the only food chain open.

Nemo, Day 1

Nemo, Day 2

The university was closed Monday, as well as last Friday, so everybody is fairly disoriented. All of my work has piled up and it's gotten a little overwhelming.

On Tuesday, I stayed late at Gossip for a community event co-sponsored by the I Love Wickford Association and the Wickford Art Association. Each store in Wickford center showcased one piece of artwork by a local artist--Gossip showcased "She's Got It" by Sarah Tallarico.

Date night

Yet, in the midst of all the craziness, I was able to get my hair cut today at JF3 Salon in Newport--I donated a foot of hair. I have donated my hair several times before, but I can't seem to remember if this was the fifth, sixth, or seventh time I've donated it.

Superstorm Nemo has really thrown me even more off track than I was before. Hopefully I'll be better organized and energized after the long weekend.

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